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    EMAC-Sales-TeamSinoGen is a one stop power solution provider for all generator applications. Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Weichai, Huachai, Yuchai engines with Stamford, Marathon, Leroy summers or Engga Alternators together with Deepsea or SmartGen controls. We can also supply Synchronising Controls, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Electronic or Mechanical Governors, Remote Control Monitoring and Choice of Coupling, along with custom chassis designs and wiring options.

    SinoGen is part of EMAC International Group Ltd, a leading supplier of engines, engine parts and generator sets for all applications. EMAC specialize in Cummins and Deutz related products and are an industrial leader in the development, manufacture, sales, service, and technical support for all types of products.

    Our team has many years experience in all aspects of export sales, technical knowledge, mechanical and electrical engineering, supply chain management and great experience in providing solutions for special projects since 2006.

    With continuous efforts, EMAC has become a group company specializing in Cummins and Deutz products. We have a generator set factory, a wholesale centre and three overseas branch offices in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Our team have the ability to communicate in Chinese, English, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

    SinoGen’s aim is to provide reliable quality generator sets for customers with different target budgets. Sinogen offers complete product lines from generator set to spare parts sales, we can give strong support to Genset manufactures and service centres in the running maintenance for the whole life of the generator set and accessories. Owing to our strong relationship with Cummins and Deutz, SinoGen has great advantages in the engine purchase cost, the major part of the generator set, this ensuring SinoGen the ability to give all customers the best value- performance-quality.

    Owning to our high quality products, professional service and competitive pricing, EMAC has expanded continuously in a competitive market. Because we understand and meet our customers’ needs, we have established trading partners in Southeast Asia, Australasia, North & South America, Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

    As a professional engine related products supplier, our goal is to be the number one power solution group in China. We are the official agent of Cummins, Deutz, Huachai and Weichai engine factories which gives EMAC the ability to be the one-stop power solution for new engine sales and engine parts sales. With our team of factory trained engineers we can give strong technical support and after sales service for all our customers.

    EMAC Products
    Diesel Engine: All series Cummins & Deutz engines for vehicle, industrial, marine and generator set applications.
    Engine Parts: Parts for all series Cummins & Deutz engines.
    Generator Set: Cummins, Deutz, Perkins and Weichai diesel generator set for both land-use and marine-use. 50/60 Hz frequency from 20Kw to 2000Kw
    Engine Related Accessories: Alternator, Transmission, Gearbox, Water Pump, control monitor.

    For more details about our products, please visit our websites for different products:
    Deutz Engine & Parts: www.deutz-engine.com
    Cummins Engine & Parts: www.cummins-engine.com
    Generator Set: http://www.sino-gen.com/

    EMAC Advantages
    1: Complete product lines for engine, engine parts, generator set and engine related accessories, ensuring us the ability to be a one-stop solution provider.
    2: Strong support to customers in after sales and running maintenance for the whole life of the engine or generator set.
    3: Close relationships with Cummins & Deutz, we can get the best prices on engines and parts, which ensure you the lowest cost on all of our engines, parts and gensets.
    4: As delivery time of parts is always very important for our customers, time is very valuable, especially, when the equipment stops working. We have our own warehouse and parts in stock enabling us the ability to give customer a timely delivery.
    5: Exporting office located in Shenzhen Southern China. Only one hour from both Hong Kong and Guangzhou international airports, very convenient for overseas visitors. We can arrange visits to any of our mainland factories if you wish to inspect our products before ordering.
    6: Easy contact and fast response commitment:  Skype & QQ Online Service, email, phone, fax or leave a message. We promise to reply to all customers’ enquiries within 24 hours.

    EMAC Vision
    To be the best power industry solution supplier in China.

    EMAC Values
    Enthusiastic team:  We really enjoy what we do and are dedicated to giving you the right solution.
    Moral company: Striving to do what is right and what we should do.
    Amiable service: The customer is king. We always put you first.
    Cooperation across the world: Open minded to all customers and cultures.

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