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  • Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Part (V)

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    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Part (V)

     3.  Mooring Equipment

    When the ship is on the docks, away from the buoy, alongside other ship or towed, for mooring, warping equipment are collectively referred to as mooring equipment. Mooring equipment is composed by the mooring line, mooring device, bitts, warping machinery, reel and mooring fittings.

    (1). Mooring Line 

    Mooring line also calls the mooring cable, when berth, it used to tie the boat, when towing, used to pass drag force. Ideal mooring line should have moderate strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance, resistance to friction, small density, soft texture, easily to use, etc, two kinds of commonly used types: steel wire cable and chemical fiber cable.

    When mooring, it should followed the situation of the dock, the length of ship, the strength of cable, the time of berthing, weather and tidal conditions to use the number and arrangement the cable. In general, there are at least six cables for ship, i.e. two first cables, two stern cables, two spring cables being the bow and stern. When the ship is big or the wind is heavy, it still needs to increase the cables to achieve the goal of tying up ship safely.

    (2). Mooring Device

    When mooring, it is used for guiding the mooring cable by inboard to outboard changing the direction, limiting the export location and reducing the cable wearing. It is a fairlead with mooring hole, chock, guide roller and column, etc.

    (3). Bitts

    Bitts are for belaying, installed near the mooring device of the deck to fix the free end of the mooring line. Its force is very big, and required base must be very strong. The deck near the bitts must be strengthened. Its types: vertical type, Dou type, cross type and mooring claw type.

    (4). Warping Machinery

    It is also called the mooring winch, and used for collecting the cable. Warping machinery is divided into vertical one and horizontal one. Vertical mooring winch is called capstan. According to the different power, it also can be divided into steam warping machinery, electric and hydraulic warping machinery.

    The warping machinery of the bow uses the warping drum configured by the windlass to warp. The setting on the stern is separated, and other parts finish the warping with warping drum configured by the nearest cargo winch.

    (5). Reel

    It is also called roll, a device for the cable furling and storage. It is mainly composed of warping cylinder and cylinder supporting mount. Just shaking the handle or turn the armrest, the cable can be loose or furled, and the brake pedal is used to control the speed of the roll.

    (6). Mooring Fittings

    It is Included the heaving line, fender, drawstring or chain and blocked rat board. The heaving line is string with 40 m in length and 6 mm in diam. The front end of the rope is a heaving line head with a certain weight. When the ship is docked, the rope is tossed from the boat to the dock workers, as the index rope sent to the wharf. Fender is commonly known as downloading and made of rope textile, and filled with the spheres with corks or palms such soft materials. When the ship is docked, it is used to buffer the impact and friction between the hull and terminal in order to protect the ship’s rail. When the ship is mooring, drawstring or chain is used for temporarily knotting in the mooring line to bear the cable tension, as the special rigging. Drawstring is made by fiber rope, and chain is made by steel wire rope. Blocked rat board generally made by sheet steel or plastic board, when the ship is docked, it is used to prevent rodents moving along the rope. When the cable is tied well, don’t forget to hang the blocked rat board.

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