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  • Bauma China 2014—Dongfeng Cummins(II)

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    178~360 HP(132~264 KW)

    China StageⅡ、Ⅲ emissions.

    ■Longer stroke, the more fully expansion of the combustion gas, increase the effective power output, ensure the strong power at low fuel consumption.

    ■Adopt the Air-Air Cooled and turbocharged technology, better engine power performance.■Advanced 4 valve structure, greater power, air combustion more thoroughly, increase the low speed torque, more efficient.

    ■With forced cooling articulated piston, can withstand high mechanical load and thermal load, intensity is equivalent to heavy duty engine.

    ■Enhanced cylinder block design, great effect of noise and vibration reduction.

    ■Place injector and symmetric combustion chamber in Center, makes the mixture in cylinder more evenly, burning more fully, and has lower emissions.

    ■Good fuel economy, long service life, durability and reliability are much higher than similar domestic engine.

    ■It is derived from advanced design of electronic-controlled engine, engine ratio of litre and power up to 30.0 kw/L.



    China Stage Ⅱ、Ⅲ emissions.

    ■Application and development aimed at overloading loader, enhance the power performance and fuel economy.

    ■Subservient to the high reliability of Cummmins C series engine, 90% parts of basic machine are interchangeable with C series engine, maintenance is efficient.

    ■Adopt the ultrahigh pressure fuel pump, accurate fuel injection makes the performance and economy are better.

    ■According to characters of construction machinery operation environment, design engine power pack assembly specially, better reliability.

    ■Cylinder liner using platform cobweb honing design and pistons adopt Ni-resist honing material, greatly reduce the loss of oil, enhance the durability, has longer service life.

    ■Mechanical stageⅢ product adopt Holset advanced turbocharger, improve the dynamic response speed effectively, decline the smoke intensity greatly.


    Z 480HP(355KW)

    China Stage Ⅱemissions.

    ■Crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder block and cylinder head etc. all have high tensile fatigue test, mandatory connecting rod small head bushing lubrication, integral whole steel piston etc., ensure the reliability of the engine.

    ■The optimized design of completed engine, decreased more than 15% mechanical loss, flexible design of piston ring, decline the oil consumption effectively, the ratio of oil and fuel less 0.05%.

    ■Torque reserve factor up to 40%, large low speed torque, ensure the powerful power put out in any operating condition.

    ■Adopt the noise reduction measure such as pilot injection, reinforcing plate of cylinder body, and double gear chamber cover etc., has lower noise.

    ■Advanced design and excellent installation of completed engine, product weight lighter than similar products, has more compact structure, the maximum engine ratio of litre and power up to 34.6kw/L, lead to higher working efficiency.

    ■Excellent ability of cool start, no need any cold start auxiliary device, start easily minus 15 ℃ ambient temperature; with auxiliary device can be started at minus 30 ℃.



    China Stage Ⅲ、EU Stage ⅢA emissions.

    ■The engine five key system is design by Cummins Company, ensure the reliability of engine.

    ■High pressure common rail, injection pressure up to 1600bar, throttle response quickly under different rotate speed, more efficiency of power output and fuel economic, and have lower noise.

    ■Mature intelligent electronic control technology, improve the engine performance, can be customized engine specifications according to the application requirements, great self-diagnose and self protection ability.

    ■Redesign the filtration system according the fuel quality, well-adapted of fuel, are suitable for various application fields.

    ■Great adaptability to the environment and cool start ability.

    ■The modular design of whole engine,less total parts quantity, lower failure rate, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

    ■Two levels dual fuel filters to guarantee the balanced level of particle dispersion, protect the fuel system main components and prolong the engine maximum life.

    ■A new and high strength cylinder body design, capacity improved, better reliability, low noise and longer service life.

    ■With the exhaust bypass typed turbocharger to make the pressurization more smoothly under low speed and output power more steadily under high speed.

    ■Power output from after gear room, the noise reduction effect is remarkable.


    220~360 HP(160~264 KW)

    China Stage Ⅲ、EU Stage ⅢA emissions.

    ■Key parts developed and optimized by Cummins Company, customizable secondary development for domestic customers, adhering to the original product reliability and domestic customers specificity

    ■Integrated oil piping replaced the traditional hose to eliminate the hidden troubles of leakage; Strengthen the function of cooling and lubrication to prolong the service life of the engine

    ■Two levels dual fuel filters to guarantee the balanced level of particle dispersion, protect the fuel system main components and prolong the maximum engine life

    ■With high pressure common rail fuel system (HPCR) to ensure the rapid response of accelerator under different speed, better power performance, fuel efficient, and lower noise

    ■With the exhaust bypass typed turbocharger to make the pressurization more smoothly under low speed and output power more steadily under high speed

    ■Mature intelligent electronic controlling technology to improve engine performance, and the engine specifications can be customized according to the application requirements, while the self diagnose and self protection ability is stronger

    ■The back of the engine power output (REPTO) to enhance the control capacity of the remote device

    ■Good cold start, can be easily launched even in the cold area; Fuel adaptability is strong to be suitable for various applications around the world

    ■Emissions solution combined with diesel particle filter (DPF) and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) to reach Tier 4 emission standards, fuel efficiency increased more than 5%.

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