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  • Deutz 150 Years: The Origin of Engine High-Technology

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    At this year’s Bauma China Exhibition the diesel engine manufacturer Deutz continued it celebration of 150 years since the founding of its company. The joint venture of Germany and China Deutz Dalian Engine Co Ltd. announced further production of its diesel engines with China’s third emissions standard. (Euro Ⅲ)

    On the morning of November 26th, the Deutz press conference, marking the 150 anniversary celebration, and was held in Shanghai Pudong Jiali Hotel. Deutz global sales President Mr. Michael Wellenzohn, Asia-pacific President Mr. Bernd Freudcnmann and the Chinese general manager Mr. Zhang Zhi Qian introduced Deutz history and future company plans.

    The company executives pointed out that with the gradual improvement of the every countries emissions standard, Deutz has developed the technology through continued research and development to achieve China emission standards of IV and V.

    Asia-pacific President Mr. Bernd Freudcnmann introduced the Deutz development plan for the Asia-pacific region. When referring to the Chinese market, he pointed out that Chinese market is the biggest construction machine market in the world, has excellent supplier base and Deutz can supply products between 25-520kw. These products are all able to meet the latest China Ⅲ and longer-term Ⅳ emission standards.

    Mr. Bernd Freudcnmann also introduced the Deutz organization in China, stating that Deutz products are perfectly matched with Chinese equipment manufacturer’s requirements and has excellent strong local support.

    Deutz founded in March 31st, 1864, it is the world’s first engine manufacturers, headquarters locate in Cologne now, headquarters has about 4000 employees, has branches and agency business in more than 130 countries around the world.

    In 2014, Deutz can proudly review its 150 years of history. Nicolaus August Otto, Eugen Langen, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach and Ettore Bugatti, they are just a small part of contributors in the company history.

    The story of Deutz started from “N.A. Otto & Cie” company was established in Cologne on March 31tst, 1864. Cologne businessman Nicolaus Otto August and engineer Eugen Langen cooperate to achieve their wishes that they produced a car and can applied to the industrial machine. The two visionary created first engine plant in the world in Servasgasse Street where near the Cologne center railway station. Otto and Langen created N.A. Otto & Cie, lay the foundation for the Deutz, and they opened mechanization process of the world from cologne.

    The mechanization of the world began in Cologne

    The industry of engine was developed very quick and soon initially,it became a organization that brings mechanization to the world. In the year of 1897, Deutz gas machine factory manufactured a fixed application type of diesel engine, at that time, the first coal locomotive just been manufactured in the world. In 1907, Deutz started to mass produce diesel engines, and later they started to mass produce car, the most famous car is the 1909 types of car designed by Ettore Bugatti.

    The revolution in 1930s

    From the mid-1930s, Humboldt-Deutzmotoren AG has a great change, engine production gradually shift from fixed mechanical application to mobile vehicle applications. In 1936, it acquired the German Ulm truck manufacturer CD Magirus, which in addition to the production truck, but also produce passenger cars and special firefighting vehicles. After a few decades, Magirus – Deutz become a world-renowned commercial vehicle brands.

    In the end of 1930s, Kloechner combined with Humboldt-Deutzmotoren to establish a new company- Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD).

    In 1990s, KHD has stopped operation. For many years it has produced more than 400 ten thousands units air-cold diesel engine, supplied 10000 trucks to the former Soviet Union to build well versed in the Siberian railway construction, and participated in NASA development of the orbiter. Air-oil-cold 1011 series engine become the best-selling products of same kind of industrial engine.

    In 1985, KHD purchased Motorenwerke Mannheim AG (MWM), focused the medium and large engine business to the Mannheim factory which belong to DEUTZ MWM’s.

    In 1991, in Germany Cologne-Porz, Deutz made the largest single investment in the history: It invested 600 million Deutsche Mark in Cologne-Porz, Deutz and Kalk to build the new engine manufacturing plants. Efficient logistics management, flow process and the combination of fixed production, and efficient assembly line manufacturing process, make the diesel engine factory located in Cologne to rank among the world’s most modern factories. On June 2rd, 1993, the new engine plant began operations, it is about 20 minutes from Servasgasse.

    Enter into the Emerging Market

    In 1997, KHD renamed as DEUTZ AG. With the coming of millennium, the company turned its attention towards the growth of international market, and established the first batch joint venture in China together with the well-known international enterprises, like Chinese holding company Weichai, a joint venture factory cooperated with DEUTZ in Weifang in 1998. In 2007, DEUTZ set up a diesel engine plant in Dalian together with China First Automobile Group, which is the largest commercial vehicles and diesel engine manufacturer in China. This joint venture has 2,000 employees, annual production of one hundred thousand engines.

    From the legendary air-cooled diesel engines, tractors and marine driven system, to the green fuel engines and innovative hybrid power system, DEUTZ has always been the pioneer of this field during the long historical process. Land, water and air, internal combustion engines are used in many fields.

    After 150 years from founded, Deutz is a world famous independent manufacturer of diesel engine. From the very beginning, Deutz means that the cutting-edge technology and high quality products. Now the company has about 4000 employees, has branches and agents more than 130 countries around the world.

    Deutz has been ready for the future with its powerful strength. “We went through two world wars, as a technology driven company, need to operate in the changing market, it has not all been plain sailing for us,”, the chairman of the board of Deutz Helmut Leube said, “However our dedication and excellent performance of engine, will always win, because of this, now we can proudly refer back to the 150 years road of success.”

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