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    The supplier Googol of global power fuel oil/gas/dual fuel engine announced, on 20th to 24th October, they will convene “seminar of 2014 power generation technology trends” in Qinling Pangu villa, Xian, China. Googol will discuss the future evolution trend of electricity generation, market innovation strategy, and share successful business practices with the West world-class manufacturers and other relevant parties.

    To push and promote the technical development of the generator set industry, this is the first time Googol convene seminar of power industry, to aiming at build the seminar into a global premier event in the field of professional power generation technology, the world-class manufacturers of alternator, engine, AVR, gas control technology, the cooling system from Marathon, Motortech, Heinzmann, Smartgen, DELF, CompAc, etc. will do thematic technical presentation.

    This conference is base on healthy development of global power industry chain, and moving towards the path of open innovation and extensive cooperation. Googol will do best to utilize knowledge and technological innovation of power generation to promote the process.

    The schedule of conference as follows: check-in time is 20th October, technical discussion time is 21st to 22nd, Qinling national forest adventure is 23rd, and return in 24th. The domestic and foreign manufacturers all can to sign up for this activity, common to discuss the future trends and industry development prospect of power generation.

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