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    Cummins has announced that the original engine division President Feng Tianxiang (RichFreeland) will become Cummins Co. as President and chief operating officer, it has reported to the Lan Bowen (TomLinebarger). TomLinebarger will continue as chairman and chief executive of Cummins Co. In the new position, RichFreeland will focus on the company daily operations, in order to further improve Cummins business operations of financial performance, customer support and the performance. The appointment of the chief operating officer is the important one link to Cummins expand global leadership team to drive the sustainable growth of the business.

    “With the leading technology, the unique global operations and partnerships, Cummins are promoted the success of our customers around the world.” Cummins chairman and chief executive of TomLinebarger said, ” achieved profitable growth on global scale, at the same time, we need to have a strong leadership team, which can achieve short-term challenges, also can correct grasp the focus on the future of long-term investment, in order to achieve sustainable profitable growth in the future.” We hope that we can within the scope of the global market, under the status of the economic conditions of instability, doing two things well at the same time.”

    RichFreeland has understood the business, employees, customers and markets of Cummins, which are indispensable to his new job experience,” TomLinebarger said, “He joined Cummins in 1979, over the years, he led to the success of our three of the four divisions, he knows how to win the trust of customers around the world.”

    RichFreeland as the engine division President since 2010, and he controls the division of the largest business development, production, market and customer sales operation. Tenure in RichFreeland, engine department annual income increased from 6.4 billion in 2010 to more than $10 billion in 2013. During this period, there are a large number of successful new products listed, and help customers to success. The establishment of a new partnership and mutual cooperation for the company has laid a leadership position to expand further on existing and new markets around the world.

    Cummins Co. also announced that David Ke (DaveCrompton) will replace RichFreeland served as President of Cummins engine division. In the past more than 25 years, DaveCrompton has been one of the important drove to promote the development of engine division transfer. As the engine division during the medium-duty engine business leadership, he successfully led the Cummins global light and medium-duty engine business seamless integration, and through the powerful execution to further improve the operation efficiency, reduces the operating costs, and improved the financial performance.

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